Holy Eucharist, The Lord's Prayer, Nuptial Blessing, Sign of Peace, and Holy Communion

Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist


The Holy Eucharist portrays God's unfailing love and mercy by the sacrifice of his only son, Jesus Christ. For non-Catholics, this part would be best recognized as the reenactment of "The Last Supper of Christ." Throughout this video you will often see Fr, Martin taking a bow and occasionally raising his hands with the host and wine and thanking God in behalf of everyone. He then asks the Father to send his Holy Spirit to come upon the gifts of bread and wine to make them holy and transforming them into Christ's body and blood.

The Liturgy of the Holy Eucharist is considered to be the most solemn and most holy part of the Mass so it was a bit difficult to find a suitable background music that would fit its central theme. of sacrifice and thanksgiving. We wanted to give this part an air of humility and glory so we agreed in using the "Reunited" soundtrack from the "Van Helsing" movie which we originally plan to use for the Reading and the Responsorial Psalms video. The title and the musical scoring is both fitting for the video, since though this celebration, we are united in one with God though Christ's sacrifice.

We also considered this video as an opportunity to highlight the singing talent of the Redemptorist church choir, also known as the St. Cecilia's Choir. They have a nice vocal rendition of the proclamation of the Mystery of Faith. and The Great Amen. The choir is led by Choirmaster, Mrs. Gaviola together with seven members including the organist who not only made a really great job of playing the organ but staying active throughout the Mass by leading the audience in their responses. It was a shame that we never get a chance to know his name for due acknowledgements to be given. Nevertheless, we thank him and the choir for doing such a great job.

The Lord's Prayer

The The Lord's Prayer, otherwise knows as the "Our Father," was sung after the consecration of the bread and wine and after the Great Amen.. This is primarily a short music video with Fr. Martin saying " Let us now pray the Lord's Prayer." Everyone then lifts both hands while singing the Lord's Prayer.

A few noteworthy shots captured on this video is the scenario of people united in prayer. Most of the people in attendance wore an expression of serenity and sincerity while singing the Lord's Prayer. One of our videographers was able to take a good close-up shot of a lifted hand of Bible Bearer, Vance. The lifting of hands is both a gesture of worship and humility as we implore God's blessings, love and mercy to come upon us.

To break the monotony of merely showing people in prayer and to give this video sequence a cinematic touch and yet without losing the essence of holiness and solemnity, we decided to incorporate some close up shots of religious symbols and icons found inside the church. The flickering candle in the altar, the statue of a Guardian Angel and the great icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help all represent God's presence in our midst and sets the perfect ambiance of prayer and worship.

Nuptial Blessing and Sign of Peace


Nuptial Blessing

The nuptial blessing is a beautifully worded prayer in wise and humble submission recited by the priest immediately following the "Our Father." It is more like a sending off prayer as the new couple journeys on through the ups and downs of married life. This special blessing suggest the high esteem in which wedded life is held by the Catholic Church with its solemn petition to God that the union be holy and richly blessed. It should be particularly meaningful today considering the low estate that marriage has fallen.

Dr. Martin really took his time and recited the prayer earnestly and beautifully so we can really feel it in our hearts. The nuptial blessing prayer is perhaps one of the most moving and powerful prayers ever said during the Mass with its deep significance of being a good husband and wife.and should therefore be cherished with its remembrance.

In preparation for the giving of the "Sign of Peace," cord and veil sponsors then came forward to remove the cord and veil after the nuptial blessing.

Sign of Peace

For the newlyweds, the offering of the sign of peace took an unexpected turn from the ordinary way of doing it. Ordinarily, one simply turns around and gives a nod to the persons around you while saying "Peace be with you." But for the bride and groom, Fr. Martin himself came forward to them to give his Sign of Peace and also took the opportunity to offer his well wishes.

It was quite a surprise for everyone when Fr. Martin motioned for our parents to come forward for them to give us their sign of peace. The altar suddenly became crowded with our parents hovering over us in a quick frenzy of hugs, kisses and handshakes. Our videographers and photographers meanwhile scrambled to their feet and also came forward to take these unexpected turn of events.

It was positively overwhelming and we felt lucky and deeply grateful to Fr. Martin for making our wedding ceremony truly memorable and extra special.

Holy Communion

It is only in being a bride or groom in a wedding that one can share the wine from the chalice with the priest. Communion is given to the newlyweds before anyone else followed by the readers and psalmist and then to everyone.

Hope Has A Place

The choice of music here arrived almost at random. We first chose Enya's Once You Have Gold but came across Hope Has A Place while searching for it. Here are the lyrics to Hope Has a Place as it was edited in the video:

One look at love and you may see
it weaves a web over mystery,
All ravelled threads can rend apart
for hope has a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Whispering world, a sigh of sighs,
the ebb and the flow of the ocean tides.
One breath, one word may end or may start
a hope in a place of the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Look to love, and you may dream,
and if it should leave then give it wings.
But if such a love and it's meant to be;
hope is home and the heart is free.

Under the heavens we journey far,
on roads of life we are wanderers.
So let love rise, so let love depart,
let hope have a place in the lover's heart.
Hope has a place in the lover's heart.

Hope is home and the heart is free.

Hope Has A Place was meant to reflect more on the photo shoots of the wedding couple that took place while the communion was going on.
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