Chateau de Busay
Wedding Reception Programme

Although we badly wanted to have the wedding reception at the City View Garden as originally planned, we made a last minute decision to transfer the venue up at the covered Rooftop because it rained early in the afternoon and we are not taking any chances of having a "wet" wedding reception Everything was almost set up by noontime and I can only imagine how tiring it must have been to start setting things all over again. Thanks to the dynamic and energetic staff of Chateau de Busay headed by my cousin, Mr. Arnold Arcilla, the reception was set up again in no time and still came out very nice as it turned out to be. We still had the nice view of the hillside and the cool mountain breeze. The rooftop was as good as the City View Garden and it was a wise decision because it rained again that night before we could finish the reception program.

The Wedding Reception started at around quarter to six. Generally, wedding reception guests have short attention span and little time to linger around especially after they had their dinner. We also wanted to be considerate to our guests knowing that it was a long drive back down to the city and some had to go home early for school and work on the next we kept our program short. Some parts of the original reception programme were skipped. This is how our wedding reception program proceeded: Scroll down below and click on an images to see the pictures.

Opening Prayer and Welcome Greetings
Mr. Donald Sabandeja - Emcee
Introduction and Acknowledgment
  • Bride and Groom's Parents
  • Principal Sponsors
  • Family and Friends
Grand Entrance of the Newlyweds
Dove Release
Bridal Waltz
Grace Before Meal
Rev. Fr. Patrick Martin
Dinner Buffet
Bride and Groom Table Hopping
Distribution of Giveaways to Guests
Distribution of Tokens to Sponsors and Members of the Entourage
Cutting of Wedding Cake
Toasts to the Newlyweds
Speeches and Well Wishes
  • Mother of the Bride - Dr. Heidi Doncillo-Centenera
  • Father of the Groom - Mr. Nicholas Auman
  • Gentleman Principal Sponsor - Mr. James Chapman
  • Lady Principal Sponsor - Dr. Ma. Janet Porcia
Bouquet Throw and Garter Toss
Closing Remarks
Mr. Donald Sabandeja - Emcee
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