Wedding Videos

Wedding Highlights
DVD menu video featuring highlights and recap of the wedding day.
Wedding Flashback
Wedding flashback in full motion video.

Wedding Liturgy

Arrival at Redemptorist Church
Arrival and preparation of the wedding entourage and bride at the Redemptorist Church.
Readings & Gospel
First & Second Reading, Responsorial Psalm, the Holy Gospel and priest's homily.
Wedding March / Processional
Introduction and the wedding march in three parts.
Wedding Rites
Video of the wedding or marriage rites, the I-Do part.
Holy Eucharist
The consecration of the Holy Eucharist.
The Lord's Prayer
The singing of The Lord's Prayer during the liturgical mass.
Nuptial Blessing and Sign of Peace
The priest giving the nuptial blessing to the wedding couple and the giving of the sign of peace with parents.
Holy Communion
The wedding couple and guests taking the Holy Communion.
End of Nuptial Mass and Signing of Marriage Contract
The solemn blessing or end of nuptial liturgy and the signing of marriage contract.
Church Pictorial
Formal photography in church of bride and groom with the priest, parents, family, relatives, friends and choir members.
Church Exit and Arrival at the Reception Venue
Exit from church, bridal car leaving and arrival at the reception venue.

Wedding Reception

Arrival of Wedding Reception Guests at Chateau de Busay
Arrival of wedding reception guests, and video of wedding cake, doves, wine and tables.
Entrance March of the Bride and Groom at the Wedding Reception
Entrance march of the Bride and Groom during the wedding reception at Chateau de Busay.
Garden Photography Session, Dove Release and First Dance
Strictly bride and groom videos of the garden photography session, dove release and first dance.
Grace Before Meal, Dining, Food, Wedding Cake Cutting and Wine Drinking
Video of the prayer before meal, guests dining, the cake cutting and wine drinking rituals.
Table Hopping
Video of the table hopping photography session after the reception dinner.
Toast and Speeches
A toast and some well-wishing speeches to the bride and groom.
Bouquet and Garter Throw
Video of the traditional wedding reception games bouquet throw and garter throw.
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