Wedding Toast and Speeches

Yes, that's water we're drinking. We originally planned to provide a bottle of red wine for each table but Chateau de Busay charges an exorbitant corkage fee of 600 pesos per bottle of wine if we exceed two bottles. It will be much of a waste since only very few guests actually would drink wine. So the water came out to be as good as any wine in this toast.

The speeches in this video were seamlessly edited to the essential bits so what we hear are shorter and continuous. There's none of those surprised statements and side comments.

Here is the transcript of the original longer version of the speeches. Lines that are excluded from the speech video are crashed out.

Speech of Dr. Heidi Doncillo-Centenera

Okay. First of all, I would like to thank all the guests, all those who in one way or another are here tonight to be with us on this very day of our children. And I hope you enjoy the affair and...

To Ivy and Wendell, I think this all what I can say: Marriage is a journey and it is not a walk in the park. And on the journey, you'll have bumps and... So I hope as you go on as a couple and as you live together, all the trials, all the bumps and humps in life will make you stronger each day. Stronger in love, stronger in faith and make you more... more, more solid as a couple. Okay?

Congratulations! Happy landing but don't get crushed!

Speech of Mr. Nicolas Auman

Much of the message of the groom's father were deleted and if you wish to indulge, you can read the full version below. Its length is of the other three speeches combined. Mr. Nicolas was full of nostalgia about his and Mrs. Pilar's and the bride's parents' time and in a way contrast it against today's time, that of their children.

Good evening!

Words of wisdom. I thought I would just say "Thank you." Well, maayong gabii ninyo! But because we have guests who come all the way from the other side of the globe, and they speak English. But anyway, we're all Filipinos. All good in English. That is why we have... we are very acceptable worldwide as OFW's. No? So I'll just speak in English.

This might not be a word of wisdom. I just want to add to what Mr. Sabandeja said when he introduced me as "Retired Planning Officer." And.. what is, you know what comes to your mind will be "Oh, so these are people who plan. They're the savior of our country." I was... I served the government for a few more years but I was a Planning Officer for five years. We started as Community Development Worker and like Ivy and Wendell, who met in their place of work, we also met in our place of work. I'm a Cebuano and assigned in Zamboanga del Norte. Pilar here is from Zamboanga City. We met in Zamboanga del Norte and we wed December 1968 It did not take us long to decide the following year in July. We did it our way.

We had to do it because, you know at that time we only receive 212 a month! Is it teachers who were receiving 212 a month? They only get 80 pesos per kensena. But, of course, during that time, you can take a ride from Capitol... from Carbon to Capitol for only 10 centavos. From Pit-os to Cebu City, how much is that, Heidi? Sumala ni Heidi, "We only need 15 centavos. You can eat your meal for only 20 centavos." So the buying... some say that the buying price, the buying power of money () stronger than now even if you receive only 212 a month. It was in 1960... 1969.

I'm just telling you this. Siguro... siguro no. I do not want to prolong our agony here. Thank you for climbing up here and sacrificing for the sake of Ivy and Wendell.

So in nine months we decided to get married by ourselves because our parents, my parents, my poor parents cannot speak English and Chavacanos cannot speak even. Ang hirap (). May language barrier. But, in fact, we have no money. So.. I... we cannot help remembering how we tied our knot.

And... Thanks to Ivy who I see is the architect of this wonderful evening. We'll have to take plan, Officer! In government, we were only planning at the regional level. We are... we were not designers of programs and projects. In the region, we only keep and... the policies of the national government to the local situation. No?

So my wife is reminding me. So salamat ninyong tanan nga... Thank you for kindly accepting the request. Request kunwari ilang invitation. No? "Request the honor of your presence." Ingon ko "Wendell, mao na ba ni rong bag-o, 'Request the honor of your presence?' Dili na 'invite?' " Anyway, thank you. We hope that Wendell and Ivy, as they travel on in life's rough and smooth pathways, when storm could occur, just remember us. Remember all the people here gathered to wish you good luck. Don't forget us. Don't forget the Lord and we are sure and certain that you will walk through life's... all the life's trials.

Thank you.

Speech of Mr. James Chapman

The starting part of Mr. Chapman's speech was video-taped only partially. He was talking about how he and fiancee Ms. Sarah Vercide, Ivy's aunt, met and later the bride and groom.

While I talked to them on the computer a few times but meeting them in person was a real joy and I was struck at the time that they're really seemed to be meant for each other and I just assumed that they were already pretty much engaged. So I was a little bit surprised a few weeks after I got home, Ivy took me in confidence and said that she and Wendell are going to get married and I guess I just assumed that they're already in the works. but...

To the nicest people I've... I've ever met and I wish them the best and I love you both as much as I love my own kids.

Thank you.

Speech of Dr. Maria Janet Porcia

Dr. Janet was caught by surprise. As intended.

This is a surprise. I didn't know I was to speak in front of all of you tonight but...

I'm very happy that you made the decision to tie the knot and start a new life together. I think you were meant for each other. I think the first time I saw you together I really knew. I had the feeling that there was something special between the two of you. You know? Remember that time?

So as your father said, I think the first thing if you just put God in the center of your relationship, I think everything will be fine. And, of course, both of you should work together. It's a give and take relationship. No? And of course, the love should be there and you should nurture each other, the love that you have in your hands.

And good luck! God bless!

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