Photo Gallery

Bridal Entourage Gown Fitting
Gown fitting at La Mode wedding gown rental.
Reception Planning
Food tasting and planning at Chateau de Busay.
Wedding Processional
The wedding entourage march.
Redemptorist Church Seating Arrangement
The entourage, readers and priest at their respective seats.
Wedding Rites
The traditional wedding in original form.
Redemptorist Church Pictorial
Wedding pictorial with all the guests and family after the nuptial mass.
Wedding Reception Programme
The wedding reception at Chateau de Busay.
Wedding Reception Table Hopping
The wedding reception guest pictorial at Chateau de Busay.
Tour of Redemptorist Catholic Church
Venue of the Wedding.
Tour of Chateau de Busay
Venue of the Wedding Reception.
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