How To Get to Chateau de Busay

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Public Transport

The most thrifty way by public transport to go to Chateau de Busay from the Redemptorist Church is by walking to the nearest main thoroughfare at General Maxilum Avenue, also known as Mango Avenue. Go across the road to the nearest jeepney stop and hail a jeepney with route number 17C, with the Plaza Housing sign. The driver will take you as far as the end of his route, at a fork above the Marco Polo Hotel. From there you can either hail a taxi cab or go kinawboy by riding one of the motorcycles waiting at the roadside. Most likely you would choose the former as you don't want to mess up your clothes and hair.

Taxi Cab

If you intend to ride a taxi cab and have little time and still save some cash, hail your taxi outside the Marco Polo Hotel. You are most likely to find vacant taxi cabs there, just coming out from dropping off hotel guests. If you are extremely in a hurry and still want to save cash, hail your taxi cab by the JY Square rotunda and Lahug market place, before the steep climb to the hotel. There are more vacant taxicabs at this busy place coming from many directions.

Some taxi drivers may charge you a fixed amount to get to Chateau de Busay. Always insist on the meter charge. If your luck runs out, you have no choice but pay some P200-P300. As a tip, go for the younger drivers. They are less corrupt and law-fearing.

Motorcycle Ride: Not Recommended

This is the riskiest way to Chateau de Busay. Once aboard and running, you are exposed to a breathtaking view of Busay's green mountains. It can be quiet a refreshing and breezy ride through a well-paved road with the mountain on one side and the gnawing cliff on the other. Just make sure you're comfortable being a bike passenger. This mode of transport is not insured and is not worth the savings and exhilaration you get out of it.

Walking: The Most Forgotten Way to Travel

If you love walking starting from the road fork to Chateau de Busay, it might take half an hour. If you're lucky, other wedding guests might see you and give you a ride. If not, you will still enjoy a view of the mountains in slow scrolling fashion. Walking might leave you late and sweaty at the end though. Still, it can be quiet a memorable experience.

Driving / Walking Directions from Redemptorist Church

Take the shady road at the left side of the Redemptorist church. Turn left at the first corner. Turn right at the next corner until you exit and turn right into Escario Street in Capitol. Follow this road past the Capitol church at your right side until you reach the intersection with the SSS office to the right and Bread and Butter to the left.

Lahug Area

Turn left at go signal into Gorordo Avenue. At the first right corner, you will find Bank of the Philipine Islands, and the road starts to climb up at the University of the Philippines (left side). Ahead you will pass by the Lahug Fire Station (right side), followed by the Lahug Elementary School (right side). As the road bends to the right, it gets busier and busier until you reach JY Square Mall with a McDonald's restarurant. To the left is a gas station and a public market. In the middle is a triangular rotunda filled with young narra trees and is highly-fenced. Keep going straight through the busy market.

Busay Area

The road will begin to continuosly climb up again and bends left and right. You will find Marco Polo Hotel to the right, the only high building in the area. Keep driving until you reach a fork. Take the right one. The road here goes up and down or levels off for a while, winds or straightens off a little way and has a cliff on one side. To your right, you can see twin buildings over the next hill. A few subdivisions are in development here and taps on the main road here and there. Just stick to your road until you find the Chateaue de Busay sign to the left of a slight climb, just before the road bends to the right.

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