Wedding Attire

Principal Sponsor's Attire

Recommended color is cream or off white. Barong for males.

By Philippine standards, the sponsors (particularly the ladies) are not supposed to wear the color motif of the secondary sponsors (which are the bridesmaids and the flowers girls) since they are supposed to stand out from the entourage and cream or off white are always the colors being used here. This color sets them apart from the secondary entourage, sort of a distinguishing color. Off white and cream are always the choice for sponsors because they are neutral and subdued colors and will compliment anyone regardless of age. We have always considered the fact that most of the sponsors are the elderly ones of which certain color motif may not compliment their age. Thus, cream and off white are always of fashion for them. Just imagine if a couple would choose a bright pink color motif and your sponsors wearing it. Aside from this, cream and off white looks neater and formal than having colored dresses for sponsors.

Candle, Veil and Cord Sponsor's Attire

Ladies are requested to wear blouse and skirt or whole dress in cream or off white with gold accents. If you already got an off white or cream dress with no gold accents, simply add a scarf, shawl or belt in gold as your accent. If you're planning to wear blouse and skirt, we would suggest that either of the lower and upper part had gold accents as well. You can also have a skirt in gold paired with off white or cream blouse or the other way around.

Gentlemen are requested to wear either long or short sleeved polo shirts in colors of white, off white or cream paired with dark brown or black slacks.

Best Man, Matron of Honor, Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Bearers and Flower Girls Attire

Best Man, Matron of Honor, Groomsmen, Bridesmaid, Bearers and Flower Girls are requested to wear the dresses and barongs provided by the host.

Guest's Attire

What Not To Wear

  • Ladies please refrain from wearing clubwear, strapless, see-through, mini-skirts, bare back and plunging neckline blouses and dresses or any overtly sexy clothing.
  • Gentlemen please refrain from wearing shorts, T shirts and jeans, leather jackets or anything too casual and sporty .
  • Ladies and Gentlemen are free to choose their type of footwear except for boots and slippers.

Overall, please dress modestly, smartly and neatly on what the occasion calls for.

Thank you so much for your cooperation and support.

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