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Reception Seating Arrangement

The Bridal Table where the Bride and the Groom will be seated will be on the center stage. The Bride will be seated on the right while the Groom will be seated on the left.

There will be 4 Presidential Table. 2 for the Parents and 2 for the Principal Sponsors. Parents of the Bride will be seated on the right side of the stage while the Parents of the Groom will be seated on the left side of the stage

Principal Sponsors will be seated in the right end or left end of the stage. Please refer below for the listing of Table Assignment.

Presidential Tables

    Parents of the Groom Table
  1. Mr. Nicolas Auman
  2. Mrs. Pilar Auman
    Principal Sponsors Table
  1. Engr. Frederick David Chiong
  2. Mrs. Cecilia Blahut
  3. Mr. Erlito Velasquez
  4. Mrs. Leonila Famador
    Parents of the Bride Table
  1. Mr. Gabriel Centenera
  2. Dr. Heidi Doncillo - Centenera
    Principal Sponsors Table
  1. Mr. Modesto Jordana
  2. Mrs. Rita Malagar
  3. Mr. James Chapman
  4. Dr. Ma. Janet Porcia


Table Assignments for Guests

These are the Table Assignments for our guests who have already confirmed their attendance, Each table will have table tags with table numbers and the names of the persons assigned to it There is no seat assignment, just table assignment, so you are free to sit wherever you like provided you are on your assigned table. Kindly make arrangements with us a week before the wedding if you want to be transferred. Please refer below to check on your Table Assignment.

Wendell's Guests

    Table 7
  1. Mr. Benjamin Auman
  2. Mr. Dennis Auman
  3. Mr. Israel Auman
  4. Mrs. Estrellia Auman
  5. Mist. Allison Auman
  6. Mrs. Gay Julieta Auman
  7. Mrs. Remedios Velasquez
  8. Mr. Eliseo Famador
  9. Mrs. Alma Michelle
  10. Mrs. Natasha Michelle
    Table 8
  1. Mrs Basiliza Auman
  2. Ms. Diana Auman
  3. Ms. Leah Auman
  4. Mrs. Cleofe Pepito
  5. Mr. Van Pepito
  6. Mrs. Romana Auman
  7. Mrs. Beatriz Inocian
  8. Mrs. Fe Colegado
  9. Mr. Heny Colegado
  10. Mrs. Carmencita Aguedo
    Table 9
  1. Ms Jennylyn Auman
  2. Ms Johanna Auman
  3. Mr Jonas Auman
  4. Ms Che-Che Auman
  5. Ms An-An Auman
  6. Ms Sha-sha Auman
  7. Ms. Kia Auman
  8. Ms Ji-ji Auman
  9. Mr James Auman
  10. Ms Angel Auman
    Table 10
  1. Mr. Diosdado Doncillo
  2. Leonides Doncillo
  3. Mrs. Carla Doncillo
  4. Mr. Roland Doncillo.
  5. Mr. Ronald D. Doncillo
  6. Mrs. Anne Doncillo
  7. Mr. Richard Cervantes
  8. Mrs. Cervantes
    Table 11
  1. Mrs Celina Covvarubias
  2. Mrs. Conception Frnacisco
  3. Mr Auman
  4. Mrs. Auman
  5. Ms. Ev Auman
  6. Ms. Christine Abella
  7. Mrs. Therese Ramos
    Table 12
  1. Ms. Sheila Auman
  2. Reynaldo Tobilan
  3. Myrna Vanguardia
  4. Ms. Carmelita Omayao
  5. Ms. Jasmin Beboso
  6. MASS Member
  7. MASS Member
  8. SBC Studio - Lito Nvaja
  9. SBC Studio - Maricel Nvaja
  10. SBC Studio - Gerald Toralba
    Table 13
  1. Mr. Rex Doncillo
  2. Mr Donald Sabandeja
  3. Mr. Emmanuel Eradel
  4. Mr. Clifford Remolador
  5. Mr. James Siador
  6. Mr. Russel Managbanag
  7. Mrs. Nonie Managbanag
  8. Mr. Michaelangelo Suzrez
  9. Mr. Alvin Sarmento
  10. Mr. Efren Inolva

Ivy's Guests

    Table 1
  1. Rev. Fr. Patrick Martin
  2. Mrs. Rebecca Calalang
  3. Mr. Amado Calalang
  4. Ms. Rowena Vercide
  5. Ms. Sarah Vercide
  6. Mrs. Lydia Centenera
  7. Mrs. Chita Centenera
  8. Mrs. Martinita Jordana
  9. Ms. Ditas Larrauri
  10. Ret. Gen. Antonio Seville
    Table 2
  1. Mr. Kent Hayden Molijon
  2. Mr. Heinz York Molijon
  3. Mr. Vance Sydney Molijon
  4. Mr. Ian Calalang
  5. Mrs. Cherrymae Calalang
  6. Mist. Kirsten Mae Calalang
  7. Mr. Romeo Seno
  8. Mist Maryrose Seno
  9. Ms. Dornie Lapiz
  10. Mr. Adonis Fernandez
    Table 3
  1. Mrs. Gloria Seno
  2. Mr. Jerry Seno
  3. Mrs. Aimee Seno
  4. Mr. Daniel Gabriel Seno
  5. Mr. Niño Seno
  6. Mrs. Rosario Remedio
  7. Ms. Emma Remedio
  8. Ms. Careen Remedio
  9. Mrs. Daisy Ochia
  10. Mr. Arnold Ochia
    Table 4
  1. Mr. Ramonito Dayao
  2. Mrs. Fermina Dayao
  3. Mrs. Susan Porcia
  4. Ms. Patricia Porcia
  5. Mrs. Jojie Chiong
  6. Mr. Primo Monterona
  7. Mrs. Doter Monterona
  8. Mr. Ricky Monterona
  9. Mrs. Bliss Patimo
  10. Mr. Alex Patimo
    Table 5
  1. Mr. Danny Go
  2. Mrs. Alma Go
  3. Ms. Angela Christine Go
  4. Ms. Go
  5. Mrs. Annie Cosido
  6. Mrs. Cynthia Neis
  7. Mr. Ritchie Neis
  8. Mr. Vicente Desquitado
  9. Ms. Albeth Flordelis
  10. Mrs. Betty Flordelis
    Table 6
  1. Mrs. Marciana Arcillia
  2. Mother of Mrs. Arcilia
  3. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  4. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  5. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  6. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  7. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  8. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  9. Reserved for unconfirmed guests
  10. Reserved for unconfirmed guests